It’s time for a new tune.

Cut through the noise. Flipside Fundraising shows you the 5 steps to raise more money with less effort.


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Struggling with fundraising is not a right of passage

Small organizations struggle. Our work is under appreciated. We have no money. 


Right now, fundraising is a drag on your resources, energy, and mission. You’ve probably been feeling like this for a while, and maybe you’ve just decided that this is just the way fundraising is supposed to feel. 


In fact, fundraising should do the opposite for you. It should expand your resources. Light you up. Enable your mission. 


Your work is too important for you to get fundraising wrong.

We’re flipping fundraising education on its head.

Maybe you’ve tried to hire a consultant, or taken a fundraising 101 course, or consumed all the free tips and webinars you could find. All of these have added to your problems - they’ve taught you the same tune everyone else is singing. They are based on the idea of a “large-size fits all” solution - that your small organization can just copy the big ones and have the same success.


Instead, you need to discover the characteristics that make a great fundraiser, regardless of the size of your organization.

More money. Less effort. Mic drop.

  • Learn how to think, act, connect, organize, and plan like a great fundraiser

  • Created specifically for small nonprofits and "non-fundraisers"

  • Step-by-step roadmap to focus your limited time on the right things, not all the things.

  • Detailed work plans to go from strategy to tactics effortlessly

  • Replace high-cost consultants and learn how to develop a fundraising approach that’s right for you

  • Understand how systems can work for you and save countless hours

  • Risk-free investment to future-proof your organization and create a lasting legacy

The five-track Flipside playlist

You don’t need to be a DJ to know that too many tracks playing at the same time create noise, not music. Instead of trying to teach you everything I’ve learned  in 15 years of fundraising, I’ve created a curated playlist to walk you through, step-by-step, the exact things you need to do to be a great fundraiser for your small organization.

Track 1: Think

We will kick off the playlist with some tonal shifts in how you think about fundraising. Leave behind the awkward discomfort and groove to a new beat. You’ll learn the secret to thinking like a great fundraiser, setting the tone for the rest of our work together.

Track 2: Act

This track lays down the beat on how to behave like a great fundraiser. You’ll learn the exact steps to shine on the dance floor. Time is your scarcest resource, so you’ll learn how to use it most efficiently.

Track 3: Connect

What’s the fun of dancing alone? Well, when it comes to fundraising, you’re nothing without donors! Whether they are individuals, companies, foundations or anyone else, I’ll show you exactly how to engage donors in a meaningful, authentic and profitable way.

Track 4: Organize

A good record collection needs to be properly organized. You can’t expect to find your favourite tune wading through piles of vinyl. In this track, you’ll learn how to organize your fundraising, including systems and technology. Don’t worry about your tech capabilities or budget - you’ll learn cheap and easy ways to get your systems working for you.

Track 5: Plan

A great playlist is all about smooth transitions.  You’ll develop a fundraising plan that will keep you moving forward - flowing from one activity to the next. You’ll even have access to workflow templates that map out step-by-step what needs to get done.

The hidden track that makes Flipside Fundraising transformative

Flipside fundraising focuses on implementation, not traditional learning. I’ll show you what to do, without the guesswork and without the heavy lifting. You’ll learn through action and get feedback and accountability along the way.

See what other students have said:

“We raised more money in the first 4 months of this fiscal than we had all of last year.”


- Heather Wilkinson, Wonder’neath, Halifax

Return on investment

Don’t make the mistake other small nonprofits are making. Here’s what we see time and time again:

  • Saving up your hard-earned and scarce funds to hire a high-priced (think over $20,000), large-shop experienced consultant to give them a fundraising strategy and walk away;

  • Trying to learn absolutely everything about fundraising by enrolling in countless webinars or membership programs that offer hundreds of videos or lessons that add to your overwhelm instead of help you focus;

  • Not spending anything relying on inexperienced volunteers who just add to the confusion or focus on the wrong things, with little results; or

  • Existing with the status quo, because none of the options above feel viable.

You need to build the skills to learn how to fundraise effectively for your small organization with ease. The work you’re doing is the most important work in the world! It’s also the most under-valued. Flipside Fundraising gives you the skills, processes, and pathways to raise more money for the incredible work you’re doing in the most efficient way possible.

Get lifetime access!

Your work is too valuable to leave your fundraising up to chance.

Your time is too precious to waste it on the wrong strategy.

Your vision too important to not invest in fundraising.

Your investment is fully backed by our



I’m not in the business of taking money from small nonprofits without delivering results. Yuk. But, I also can’t promise results if you don’t do the work. So here’s how our guarantee works. If you’re not satisfied, for any reason, within 90-days, AND you can show me that you’ve done the work, I’ll refund you your investment. 


If you’re not planning to do the work, I can tell you now, save your money. Nothing will work for you if you do nothing. I will show you what actions to take and when, but I can’t take them for you (sorry!).

Doors are closing soon!


The B-side

But wait, there’s more! Okay, so I don’t want to sound like a late-night infomercial, but I’ve developed some great bonuses to help you get even further with your investment. When you enroll today, you’ll also receive over $4,982 in additional bonuses and resources.

  • Bonus 1: Fundraising plan template and workflows (value - $2,497)

    • Save hours and hours of work with an abundance of templates and tools for you to simply fill in and customize.
    • Workflows that outline how to get things done every step of the way
  • Bonus 2: 27 Cheat sheets (value - $299)

    • We're helping you save time by giving you our best tips and tricks at the tips of your fingers. Kick start a blog, engage employees on a budget, etc. We're sharing our best ideas and short-cuts.
  • Bonus 3: Sample policies and gift agreements (value - $199)

    • No more scouring the internet to find this information - we've bundled it all together for you. Get a gift agreement template, a Terms of Reference for a volunteer fundraising committee, and more!
  • Bonus 4: Board Fundraising Report (value - $89)

    • Make reporting to your board a breeze with this template that dovetails with your fundraising plan.
    • I am your partner in this journey, so I'm going to be giving you 6 group coaching calls to support you and keep you accountable.
    • These will be "hot seat" calls where I'll help you work through your specific challengs.
    • "On demand" support through Instant Messaging
    • Connect with other Flipside students for support and sharing ideas.

I'm Cindy, your DJ

Back in the day, I was a recent grad with a degree in women’s studies, ready to change the world! I landed my first job at a local shelter for abused women and their children and I was their only fundraiser. It was a cause I cared deeply about. I had a blank slate and was full of energy and enthusiasm. 


But… I can’t tell you how many “false starts” I had in fundraising there. A board member would decide we should try selling holiday cards and I’d go all in... until a staff member then said we needed to sell cook books. Then, I would write a direct appeal letter that would be completely ripped apart by the fundraising chair. I even wrote a letter to Oprah.



Sound familiar? I was spinning my wheels and spending so much time on things that weren’t effective. I was becoming disillusioned and while we were raising more money, it felt like I was doing so with chronic pain - you know, that dull, achy feeling that makes everything THAT much harder to do.


Over time, I figured it out. I started The Good Partnership to teach small nonprofits what I had learned over 15 years of working in large and small shops.


I learned that a strong guide with the right path can turn anyone into a successful fundraiser. I'm here to show you how!


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If you choose nothing, nothing changes

The fact that you’re on this page means that you know you need a program like Flipside Fundraising to get you to the next level. It also means you haven’t found that program, because if you did, you wouldn’t be here. Right?


You may be thinking:


“It all sounds great, but I just don’t have the money, energy, or time right now”

If you don’t take action, you’re letting your circumstances make your choices for you. You will never get your organization to the level you want it to be to make the impact you want to make in the world if you don’t take control of your decisions. 


If you stop here and don’t do anything different, well then, you can’t expect a different outcome. 

The question isn’t can I make this happen. It’s how will I make this happen.

Let’s make music together

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